The events that have taken place over the past few weeks or so have spurned a multitude of emotions in many of us across the nation and within our school community. Our many thoughts and prayers, that have been at the forefront of our days, have truly compelled us to provide some support for our fellow staff members and administration during this time of unrest. We believe that conversations about race and racism NEED to be had within our homes, amongst our friends, and within each of our classrooms and buildings. These conversations are imperative for the growth of our country to overcome the many atrocities that continue to plague and affect people of color by those in positions of authority.

The MLEA Minority Leadership Recruitment committee came together to cultivate resources as it was necessary for us to provide some guidance for you to read and use to engage your students and families in candid conversations. We hope they become an integral part of your conversations -

We truly understand that it is not easy nor comfortable for everyone to speak and converse about the systemic racial issues in our country, thus we are hoping that what we are providing would be some initial tools to help facilitate and initiate these discussions.

We stand together in solidarity with the Floyd family, the Arbery family, the Taylor family, and the many other families that have been affected by these acts. We ask you to take action against these injustices by using these resources to spark your own conversations about racial inequity.