Updated August 12, 2020

The following is a list of FAQs that have been presented to us throughout the past few months.  This is intended to be a living document and will be updated as more information becomes available.  If you do not see your question listed here, please fill out this form.  We will get an answer for you and update the site accordingly.


Are specials teachers permitted to hold classes outdoors?

This will be a decision made at the building level.  Please contact your building principal for more information.

Will there be hybrid pacing guides released for teachers to follow with the curriculum this year?

This will be a decision made by the district through the Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Supervisors.  Please contact your supervisor for more information.

Will traveling staff be able to stay in one building during this time?

The Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Supervisors will be determining the need for traveling staff.  Please contact your supervisor for more information.

Will specialists and others (ESL, reading, ,OT/PT and BSM) push in to classrooms when in the building?

The District is still evaluating content delivery for all related services.  Information will be provided as soon as it is available. 

How is the district handling IEP compliance and student needs?

The district is actively working to ensure IEP compliance.  Questions regarding this should be directed to Dr. Willard for further clarification. 

How are virtual teachers being selected?

Virtual teachers are selected by building administration and will be notified.  If you are interested in such an option or have underlying need, please speak to your building principal.

How will grading be handled this year?

The district is determining how grading will be handled.  Information will come from building administration.

What will students be doing on their "online" days?

Students will be doing asynchronous, independent work.  That may mean a mix of short recorded videos, materials to complete and other items. 

Will students be moving throughout the day?

The district is attempting to limit student movement as much as possible.  Staff will be going room to room as necessary. 

When will teachers be able to record videos for learning?

All certified staff will have contractual prep time.

What will be the student schedule for the first week?

The district is currently planning the first week and other shortened weeks.  Some students may have a modified schedule.  More information will come from district administration.

What is the role of aides in virtual instruction settings?

Classroom aides will work with students where directed.  Positions may be modified as necessary as long as it does not violate contractual or IEP provisions.

Will the district be running day care for students?

There will be some version of extended day care.  Specifics will come from district administration.


Will the district be providing PPE for staff?

The District is working with school nurses and the Burlington County Department of Health to order the necessary PPE for staff including staff working in different job capacities where they may need additional PPE items. Specific PPE questions should be directed to your appropriate supervisor.

What are the consequences if a teacher feels they are being put in an unsafe, Covid-related situation and refuses the directive?

Refusal to follow directives can be considered insubordination.  Please contact a Association building rep immediately before taking any actions. 

What will be done about the inequity among teachers/specialists regarding exposure to students and staff in the building?

The Association has expressed concerns and is continuing to work with district on most reasonable course of action.  As of now, it appears that students will remain in their rooms to limit movement as much as possible.  This may mean specialists going into multiple classrooms.  Please communicate with your supervisor and building principal for updates.

How will students be accountable for wearing their mask at all times in the classroom? Will students be sent home if they aren't following those rules?

The district is examining the discipline policy in respect to mask protocol. As per Governor Murphy's order, there are no "mask breaks" allowed. Any changes to discipline code will be communicated by district administration.  There is also a need for strong classroom management and relationship building with your students to ensure everyone's safety.

Will their be some type of plexiglass dividers set up in each class so guided reading groups could meet at a table?

With the current social distancing requirements there should be no small group instruction or guided reading groups.  The district will not be installing any plexi-glass in the classrooms.

Will teachers be standing in one location to teach the whole class so that the lesson can be videotaped for the cohert that is remote learning that day?

You will not be recording yourself teaching with other students in the room.  You also will not be going live with students in the room.

Will the district be testing/screen students and staff every day?

The district will NOT be testing students and staff every day.  The district is exploring screening protocols and will be developing a plan for symptom screening.  More information will be coming from district administration.

What will happen if we are exposed or someone tests positive? Will we need to quarantine?

Situations that arise in a building will be evaluated in conjunction with district administration and the Burlington County Department of Health.  The DOH will make the determination of necessary quarantining and testing. 

Will Workman's Comp cover Covid exposure and testing?

There are some instances where Workman's Comp may be applicable but using your own insurance may be prudent at other times.  If a situation arises, please contact a building rep so that the best course of action can be determined.

Will the district provide testing?

The district will not be providing testing.  All requirements for necessary testing will be handled in conjunction with the Burlington County Department of Health,

What will cleaning procedures look like in the buildings?

Custodial staff has been trained in enhanced cleaning protocols as per CDC guidelines in conjunction with the Burlington County Department of Health.  Wednesdays will be deep cleaning days with its own set of protocols.  

If you have questions about particular building issues, please speak to your custodian and, if necessary, a building rep.

Do I need to buy my own cleaning supplies?

The district is providing all necessary cleaning supplies.

Can students share materials?

The district is evaluating curriculum and materials to ensure limited sharing.  Items that must be shared will likely need to be cleaned by staff members between uses.  Staff can help by providing resources and alternatives to their principals and supervisors.

Can I wear scrubs?

As there is no district dress code policy, this is a building level decision.  Please contact a building rep if there are any concerns.

What happens to staff who share a room?

Social distancing requirements are in place and should be followed at all times.  This may mean the district might remove furniture from a room to accommodate such requirements.  If you are concerned, please speak to your building principal. 

When can we go into our classrooms?

Schedules are being created by building administration.  Please contact your principal about accessing your classroom.

Will there be snacks or lunch for kids?

This is a building level decision.  However, if there are snacks, kids should bring their own snacks.  There should be no community snacks.  

There will be grab and go lunch options rather than the formal lunches like in past years.

What is happening with carpets and other classroom furniture?

Custodians may be removing furniture and items that inhibit social distancing or health/safety guidelines. 

How many students will we have in a cohort?

The district has estimated that there will be 8-10 students in elementary and 10-12 in Hartford/Harrington to accommodate social distancing.

I don't have windows in my room. How often will filters be changed?

Filters will be changed based on the district cleaning protocol in conjunction with the Burlington County Department of Health guidelines.

What happens if someone shows symptoms in school?

School nurses will evaluate the person and take the necessary steps including communicating with administration and isolating the person if necessary.

What will morning arrival and afternoon dismissal look like?

The district is currently evaluating both arrival and dismissal in order to meet social distancing guidelines. More information will be forthcoming.

What is happening with security drills?

The district is currently evaluating drills and awaiting DOH guidance.  More information will be forthcoming.

What is happening with student bathroom use?

This will be a building level decision in conjunction with the Department of Health.  More information will be forthcoming.

Will secretaries have plexi-glass shields on their desks?

Plexi-glass shields have been ordered and will be installed. 


Will our aides and other ESP staff be working?

All of our aides will be working the student day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and will be supporting student instruction as the district directs.  Aides will be home on Wednesday but will be paid.

This is all subject to change based on district needs.

What is the virtual teaching work day?

You will be working your contractual hours with duty free lunch and prep.  Individual schedules will be determined by administration.

What will the IN-SCHOOL work day look like for certified staff?

All certified staff is expected to be in the building for their full work day. You will have your duty free lunch and prep. Individual schedule questions will be handled by building administration.

Will we be given prep time to prepare the pre-recorded videos for the kids who are doing asynchronous learning while we’re teaching in person?

All certified staff will have their duty free lunch and prep during the work day.  There will not be additional prep time provided.  There is no expectation to provide full video lessons for asynchronous students.

What is happening with extra-curricular activities and other events such as back-to-school or conferences

The district is evaluating all extra-curricular activities and other events such as back-to-school or conferences.  More information will be coming in the near future.


What happens if we need to take a sick day?

You are still permitted to take your statutory sick time and personal days as permitted in the contract.  You will use AESOP like in years past.

What is the process to request accommodations due to medical conditions that are considered higher risk in regards to Covid?

Please reach out the the Association Leave Specialist, Emily Garcia for assistance.  Each situation is unique and there are some different options based on those situations. Accommodation requests are subject to BOE approval, can only be based on CDC & ADA guidelines and will require specific documentation.

If a teacher is either diagnosed with or exposed to Covid and must quarantine for 14 days, will the district use our sick days against us?

Each situation is unique but the Families First Coronavirus Response Act created provisions to help deal with situations like this.  Please reach out to the Association Leave Specialist, Emily Garcia, for more information should you need it.

What is the district doing about substitutes?

The district is working to secure multiple building substitutes for each building and will explore other options as necessary.  This may include reassigning staff members to cover classes as long as it does not violate contractual provisions. 

I don't feel comfortable returning and taking this risk. What can I do?

Unfortunately, being uncomfortable is not a valid reason for not returning to work or requesting modifications.  If you have further questions or documented medical concerns, you should contact the Association Leave Specialist, Emily Garcia, for assistance. 

I have child care concerns. What are my options?

You have some options under the Families First Coronavirus Act.  Please reach out to the Association Leave Specialist, Emily Garcia, for more information.


Will there be a teacher evaluation requirement this year?

The district will be following state statute and NJDOE guidelines that govern evaluation.  As happened last year, those guidelines are subject to change.  However, until that happens, evaluations are the same as they have been in previous years. 

Will there be SGOs and PDPs?

The district is following NJ state statute and NJDOE guidelines.  More information will come as it becomes available. 

Will there be NJSLA and other testing this year?

The district will be following NJ state statute and NJDOE guidelines.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.


Will there be professional development throughout the year to support virtual learning?

The professional development schedule and offerings are still being discussed by the district.  Opportunities through NJEA/BCEA/MLEA will also be available for members.

Will our inservice days be virtual?

The district is currently exploring all professional development opportunities and will be determining either virtual or in-person for required inservices.