Educating and advocating is what we, all of us, strive to do. The traditional responsibilities of negotiating contracts and handling grievances are what first come to mind when you think of a teacher's education association.

    In reality, our charge encompasses far more. It is our responsibility to work toward providing the best educational environment possible for all of Mount Laurel's students.  Providing that environment involves working with the entire educational community, not only to create program designed to meet the needs of students, but also to ensure that our members have the training, support and resources they need to meet the challenges of educating today's children.

   Therefore, we describe our mission as one of educating and advocating on behalf of the students as well as the staff of Mount Laurel.


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We intend this site to be dynamic and hope to update it frequently to include news and events that are current and topical, as well as answers to your concerns and questions.  If you have suggestions on how this site can be of a better service to our members please e-mail the webmaster.